Neighborhoods vs. Groups

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You may be wondering what the differences are between a neighborhood and a group. Let's unpack them!

Understanding Neighborhoods & Groups


Platform Generated Aggregation Pages


User-Created Affinity Groups


A neighborhood in Cause Machine is an aggregated page pre designed with a myriad of content points. These pages are  designed to bring everything in your community related to one  tag into a single location.

A group in Cause Machine is a member-created environment  for individuals to connect and collaborate.


To bring everything related to a single tag/category into a  single location.

To allow people in a community to “bind together” in their  own designated “sub tribes”

How a Community Should  Leverage

Best used to help show individuals in a community how much  in that community is related to their interests. 

Best used to guide members into deeper discussions and  engagement with more refined groups of interest.


• Platform Aggregated 

• Optional Neighborhood Admins/Owners 

• User-Created

Content in Environment

• Cover Image 

• Content Posting Options (Article, Video, Document, Story)  • Content Feed 

• Discussions 

• Members Connected 

• Groups Associated 

• Organizations Associated 

• Cover Image 

• Contact Group Leader 

• Content Posting Options (Article, Video, Document, Story)  • Content Feed 

• Discussions 

• Members Connected


• Total Members 

• Total Posts 

• Total Groups 

• Total Discussions 

• Recent New Members 

• Content Waiting for Approval 

• Recent Discussion Activity 

• Recent Content

• Total Members 

• Total Posts 

• Date Created 

• URL Link for Invitations (used for private groups) 

• Recent New Members 

• Community Tag Sketch (pie charts)

Ownership & Administration

Generally administered by the main community admin, but  tools to give admin permissions to a single neighborhood  admin.

Administered by the person who created the group and  whoever is assigned as an admin.


• Tag/Neighborhood Title 

• Description/Welcome Message 

• Cover Image 

• Set Admins 

• Display Members (on or off) 

• Display Organizations (on or off) 

• Display Stories (on or off) 

• Display Admins (on or off)

• Group Name 

• Tag Line 

• Description 

• Cover Image 

• Privacy Level (Open/Closed/Private) 

• Logo 

• Address (optional) 

• Enable Discussions (yes/no) 

• Display Description to Non Members (yes/no) 

• Meeting Schedule (optional)

Communication Tools 

• Email Sender 

• Email Sender

How Members Join

• Profile Tag/Category Selection 

• Click to “Join” on Neighborhood Page 

• Adding Tag/Category on a Content Page

• Click to “Join” on Group page (self discovery or direct link) • Auto enrolled from Event registration 

• Added as an admin to Group


Visible only to community members 

Variable visibility based on Privacy level of group

Admin Functionality 

• Add and moderate content 

• Add and moderate content 

• Remove Members

User Functionality 

• View content (and content comments) 

• Add content (requires approval after submitting) 

• Start a discussion

• View content (and content comments) 

• Add content (requires approval after submitting) 

• Start a discussion


• New tag items matching community member are noted in  the weekly email digest

• New content items in groups a member is a member of -  send in weekly email digest

How Created 

Created automatically when a community tag is created 

Manually created by community member or community admin


Access through the Category directory page or direct links 

Access through the Groups directory page or direct links

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