7. Launch Your Site (Setting up URL)

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Setting up your Domain

Cause Machine starts each community out with a subdomain (yourcommunityname.causemachine.com). This is good to use while creating your site but you will most likely want to change this as soon as you're ready to go live with your community.  This article will walk you through step by step procedures for setting up your custom domain.

CauseMachine significantly enhanced its security infrastructure by integrating Cloudflare services. Cloudflare, a leading web infrastructure and security provider, brings a multitude of features to bolster the platform's defenses. With Cloudflare's DDoS protection, CauseMachine is now equipped to mitigate and withstand distributed denial-of-service attacks, ensuring uninterrupted service availability even during cyber threats. The global network of Cloudflare's data centers optimizes content delivery, resulting in improved website performance and responsiveness for users across different geographical locations. CauseMachine benefits from Cloudflare's Web Application Firewall

(WAF), which guards against common web vulnerabilities by implementing security rules and leveraging real-time threat intelligence. Additionally, the integration includes SSL/TLS encryption services, ensuring secure communication and safeguarding user data from potential interception or tampering. CauseMachine's decision to incorporate Cloudflare services demonstrates a proactive commitment to cybersecurity, enhancing the overall safety and reliability of the platform. To fully support the transition and benefit from the security improvements for existing domains, DNS records need to be updated.

NOTE: This article walks through the specific example of configuration within GoDaddy.  Most all domain management tools work relatively the same but some images and layouts will look different from what's shown in this help article.


Step 1. Start the Process in Cause Machine

Locate your Setup Checklist and the "Launch Your Site" item from the left navigation OR locate this feature from your Settings bar on the left and then look for Domains.




Step 2. Log Into GoDaddy or other Domain Management Tool

This is a good time to go ahead and log into GoDaddy or whatever domain management tool you use and find your domain.  You will be working back and forth between your domain management tool and Cause Machine so it's good to have them open in two separate tabs for your convenience.  



Step 3. Enter Domain Name (in Cause Machine)

The first thing Cause Machine will ask from you is to enter your domain name.  There is some help text on this page.  You also have the ability here to note this domain as your primary domain or not.  Once you have entered this then click the "Continue Domain Setup" button.



Step 4. Configuring DNS

This is where it might start to feel intimidating but don't worry... you are simply copying and pasting values from the Cause Machine guide to your DNS records in your domain management tool.  Cause Machine will list three primary DNS settings with a host, record, and required data field.  



In GoDaddy, find the "Manage DNS" link from your domain management and select that link.



You can choose to edit your previous records or add a new record.  The windows will look something like the images below.  You begin by selecting the type of record and then the host and points to field. Simply match the value from the Cause Machine page to the fields here in GoDaddy.




Step 5. GoDaddy Review

Now you will want to review your GoDaddy list of values to make certain all is configured correctly.  GoDaddy will have other values in your Records that are best to leave alone.  For example, MX records are going to be related to any email management and have nothing to do with your domain setup.  If you find that your GoDaddy Records directory has other records of the same type you are trying to create you may need to change or delete those records.  

PRO TIP: If at any point you feel this is too complex then please consider speaking with someone from GoDaddy or another service provider of domain management.




Step 6. Verify in Cause Machine

The final step is verifying all is set up correctly in Cause Machine.  You are looking for the Current Data fields to be populated and in green text indicating all is configured correctly.  This may take up to 24 hours to populate correctly so be patient as DNS records populate to the web.  Cause Machine will email you once your configure is complete and running.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the X362 in the domain?

X362 is the original Cause Machine platform and our primary server.  The platform you are using is Cause Machine with the server data being hosted and managed by X362 via Microsoft Azure.

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