Your second key task is setting up Stripe.  Stripe is a powerful and safe payment gateway and payment processor that enables your online commerce resources on Cause Machine.  Cause Machine has modules to help you monetize your community through tools like paid memberships, events, e-courses, digital product and services, and donations.  All of these payments are facilitated through your Stripe configuration.  Setting up Stripe is a simple and quick process.  


Step 1. Get Started in your Setup Checklist

Start from Mission Control and then find your Finish Setup in the bottom left navigation.  Click the Go on "Start Accepting Payments".  



Step 2. Connect Stripe

Next you need to connect your Stripe account.  If you have not set up a Stripe account you can do that here.  If you already have a Stripe account set up for your organization then simply sign into your account.  



3. Verify

The final step is verifying your account and allowing the Cause Machine / Stripe connection to be completed.  The entire process (even if you are creating a new Stripe account) should take less than 5 minutes.  Once you have verified the connection you are all set to start building paid memberships and  creating any other payment modules of Cause Machine.