Creating a Lead Generator

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Lead Generators are great ways to initially engage your audience and capture their basic contact information.  There are all types of lead generators - a free PDF, a course, recorded interview, a give-away, a quiz, and anything else you can come up with for a desired item someone would want.  Fundamentally you should be offering people something here that significantly benefits them and sells very little of what you have for them.  You're trying to capture their name and email at this point and want to carefully guide them as you build trust to what other offerings you have such as membership, events, courses, and other products.  


Getting Started

To get started find the Lead Generators tab under the Page Builder section of your administrator backend.  You can also find a link to this from Mission Control.  You will see a list of your lead generators and an option to create a new lead generator.



The actions drop down to the right allows the ability to edit existing lead generators, preview how the popup will look, view the submissions (who has requested this resource, and the ability to archive older resources).  



Creating a New Lead Generator

You begin creating your lead generator by giving your item a title.  Make sure this is something understandable, simple, and desirable to your audience.  We recommend loading a preview image or some sales image to make the visual richer.  Next you enter text giving a brief description.  We recommend keeping this text short so the reader doesn't have to real long to find out what this is about and to keep them from having to scroll on the lead generator popup modal. 



You can select if you would like to only collect their email address or both their email and name.  Whatever you select here will be required in order for the person to access the resource. 



Cause Machine offers the ability to have your lead generator popup on all of your pages, selected pages, or manually triggered.  Most organizations will have a lead generator on their home page that triggers after a period of time.  You can choose to have the lead generator trigger from someone clicking a button on a page that is selling the lead generator benefit.  You can additionally select the delay from when someone lands on a page to when the popup displays.  



Cause Machine allows you to connect a Mail Chimp email campaign to one of your lead generators.  This will begin a drip email campaign to each person who downloads the resource.  This is where you want to be intentional to guide them to the next resource and to further engage them in your community or toward one of your resources.  

You can disable the automated Cause Machine email as well.  Cause Machine will send an immediate email to the individual with the downloadable resource you have loaded.  You can disable this if you are managing all of this through your Mail Chimp campaign.  



The last step is to build your email confirmation.  Above you had text helping to sell the value of this resource.  Here you want to congratulate them on requesting it and give a quick tip on how to get the most out of this.  We recommend that you don't use this area to up-sell to other products at this point.  Leave that for an email to two later.  



Manually Triggered Option

If you choose to manually trigger a lead generator then go to a custom designed page and add a button.  One of the Button Type Links is Lead Generator (others are downloads, link, etc.).  Once you select Lead Generator then you'll see a drop down of your various lead generators.  Select the one you want to display here and then click save.  




Sample Popup

Below is a sample lead generator popup that will display on a page.  The image displays to the left with your description text and fields for their contact information.  


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