There are times when you will need to send an email to attendees/speakers/exhibitors/volunteers of your event. When you need to do that, you will go to Media & Communications, then select Email Sender. 



Once you get to this page, you will have the chance to select your audience. You can choose whether you would like to send an email to everyone registered for the event or if you want to select a particular audience (exhibitors, attendees, volunteers, etc.). You can also select particular tags, gender, and age range based on the individual profile. 




When you are ready to form the body of the email, decide on your subject heading and add your message. You can add an image by clicking on the image icon. See for more information on how to create the body of your email.



You can schedule your email to go out whenever you choose, or let it be sent immediately by not selecting a date/time. Another option is to send a test email to make sure you see exactly how your email looks before it gets sent to your audience.