Creating an Exhibitor Package

You will most likely want to create exhibitor packages (combinations of a-la-cart items).  You can combine any assortment of offerings in these packages.  To get started select "Add Package" from the Exhibitor Pricing page and begin setting up a new package (or edit one already created).



Basic Information

Begin by entering basic information for this exhibitor package.

  • Package Name - make it something simple others will understand
  • Description - help give it more clarity and what someone can expect if purchasing
  • Total Quantity Available - how many total of this package are you going to make available
  • Minimum and Maximum Quantity - set either/both the minimum and maximum quantity for each of package.  Additional help text is provided on the screen.
  • Required - is the product required 
  • Private - make the offer private from the public.  NOTE: you will need to create an offer to allow people to purchase this package since it is not listed on your site.  




Optionally include a membership with the purchase of this package.




Here you choose from your a-la-cart items to create your package.  You must have already created your items in order to combine and notate here.  Here's how to set up a package:

  • Select - first select the item in the radio box to the left of the title
  • Quantity - select the quantity included in the package
  • Selection Option - use the selection of a group option within a package if you have scenario where someone can select 1 of 3 items.  NOTE: leave this blank to require in package.  If you choose to create a group then follow the steps to create a package group by giving it a name and # of selections.




Pricing Schedule

Set the pricing schedule for this package.



When you have set up the package click save.  You can always come back and edit.