Attendee Pricing

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The Attendee Pricing page manages all of your attendee categories and pricing tiers.  The landing page provides you with links to manage the settings of each tier, the pricing schedule, the ability to re-arrange the order, and the ability to delete.  

You must have at least one pricing tier for your event registration to go live, even if it is a free event. Simply create a free registration, with the price at $0, and that will activate your online registration link.

NOTE: any pricing tier that has one or more attendees registered for that tier will not be able to be deleted.  If you need to remove that tier then we recommend making it a private tier so it no longer shows up on your public list.



Adding a New Tier

You can easily add additional event registration tiers from the main landing page and clicking the "Add Item" button.  The new tier will ask for a series of details for this tier.

  • Name - give the registration tier a name that people could easily identify with as they are looking at your event / make it as intuitive as possible.
  • Product Type - you can offer various types of products at an event (registration ticket, physical product, digital product).  Most of the time you're looking to create a registration ticket type of event product.  
  • Send Printable Ticket - this triggers the system to send the individual a printable ticket upon their registration and available if they log into their profile and access their ticket through the event.
  • Link to Exhibitor Registration - this toggle allows you to link this registration tier with an exhibitor registration.  This is used when you have a tier for exhibitor representatives working a booth at your event and want to maintain (1) control over quantity of these tiers claimed per organization, and (2) association between attendee and exhibitor group.  Exhibit Booth registrations and individual registrations are two separate transactions in Cause Machine.
  • Description - this is a great place to enter a detailed explanation for each tier to help people better understand if this is them AND what they are going to get out of your event.
  • Total Quantity Available - enter the total quantity available (tickets, physical product, etc.)
  • Minimum Quantity - optionally you can enter the minimum someone has to select for this tier.  Unless you are building a bundle then it's best to leave this blank.
  • Maximum Quantity - optionally enter a maximum quantity, this is typically left blank.
  • Required Product - note if this is a required product purchase to check out.
  • Private - note if this registration tier is private (this will not show up in your public event page, you'll need to send a direct link to this registration tier through a Special Offer).  


  • Membership Tier - you can optionally include a membership tier with an event registration.  This is a great way to introduce someone to your community and include them in more than just the event.  We find it best to include a free membership in your event registration if you have a free tier.  Paid membership may cause some frustration.  If you have a free tier this is a great place to flex your community muscles and easily include them in a membership right along with registering for an event because both are seamlessly managed in Cause Machine.  
  • Wait List - some event may fill up on you so it's nice to have a wait list feature.  This is off by default.  You can set the maximum quantity of individuals to sit in your wait list and the purchase window timeframe for if/when a space becomes available.  This is a great feature for smaller events and retreats where there is limited space and you want to manage a wait list.


  • MailChimp Integration - the last item for configuration for your event registration tier is the option to integrate with MailChimp.  This is optional but this is a great best practice for engaging your attendee audience well.  You might consider linking to a MailChimp campaign that helps the attendee know what to expect, how to prepare, highlight keynote speakers, etc.  


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