Exhibitor Lead Capture

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Is it important for you to have a tool to help connect your event attendees with your exhibitor organizations?  Most would say yes!  Cause Machine has a simple tool to help you make these connections and for your attendees to choose to share their information with exhibiting organizations through the exhibitor lead capture tool.  


How does it work?

We've all been to conferences where you have a name badge with a QR code and the exhibitor awkwardly asked if they can scan your name badge.  Let's be honest... that's not fun for anyone.  Well, we've reversed the story to help make it less awkward while achieving the same goals.  Now the organizations have the QR code and the attendee scans their code... and it's on a sign now and not someone's name badge.  

The conference attendee would visit a booth and if they choose, they can scan the organization's sign to provide that organization with their personal contact information.  Exhibitors have realtime access at any point to this information once captured.  


What's the cost?

There is no additional cost for this feature plus, since you're using personal phones, there is no device charge.  


How do I get started?

First, it's just part of the platform so you don't need to turn anything on.  You simply need to access the event codes from your event management page.  This is housed under Exhibitor Registrations and can be mass printed using the Print QR Codes from the top of the list or organization by organization from the Action drop down and then selecting the Print QR Code feature.  This will generate a full print out list of all your code forms (or a single page for one organization).  



How do the signs work?

It's up to you how you would like to display these signs.  Most events will purchase some standard sign holder to place on booth tables with the QR code sign (see example image below).  We've also seen others creatively attach the sign to the end post of the booth display.  At the end of the day, you just need to help make this as accessible as possible for attendees to view and scan.  Also, feel free to give extra to your exhibitors if desired.

The attendee will need internet access for the QR code to work.  They simply scan the code which brings up a page in their mobile browser for them to complete a few personal details (see image below).




How do organizations access their lead retrieval data?

Organizations can access this information real time (immediately once someone submits their data).  This is found in their organization profile under Events Exhibited At and then under the Actions drop down from the event and the Export Attendee Information tab.  This is available at any time for the organization to access.


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