Discount Codes

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Promo codes are a simple way to give discounts to any group or individual that you need to. Simply click on Promo Code in the Finance section, then click on Add Promo Code. After you add the code, each new promo code will aggregate here in this list so that you can always go back and reference what you have and how many of your codes have been used.



When you add a new code, you have the option of giving it a name that you will recognize, and using a code that is either easy for people to use and remember, or, you can use an auto-generated code that will be difficult for anyone to figure out and use falsely. You can make the coupon a certain percentage off or give a dollar amount. You can determine the dates that it will be available and how many times it is allowed to be used. You can also decide if you want it to be used only for event registrations or if you are okay with the promo code being used for other event purchases (such as a package, an exhibit booth, advertising, etc.).


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