Events are excellent ways to bring members of the community together.  You can host live events or online events such as webinars.


Step 1 - Access Organization Management Pages

Access your organization dashboard.  Look for the Quick Actions areas of your dashboard and click on the Create New Event to Members quick link.


Step 2 - Craft Event Page

You have the option to create an In-Person Event, a Webinar, a Virtual Event, or an In-Person & Virtual Event. Choose the type of event and then enter as much information as you have available to set up your event.

Hint: If you are creating an event type that has a "place type" you will want to ensure that you have checked the box that corresponds to the place type you would like to see appear on the event.

Once you have checked the box, the "Place Type" will appear as an option under your Basic Information in the event you are creating.  

Step 3 - Go Live

Go live with you event, review, and manage.


Step 4 - Tell Others

Once your event is live, be sure to send out emails and other notifications of your event.



Consider connecting a group to your event so you have an intentional means of follow up for attendees following the event.