Organization CRM Overview

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Membership CRM

This tool is designed for communities that host organization memberships and needing the insights and management ability to host those organizations members well.  


Where to Start

Start by accessing the Members tab on the left and then accessing Organizations to access your directory of member organizations.



General Information

The General Info tab will show you basic stats on this organization (followers, members, member since, and organization type) followed by their key contact information.  As a community admin, you can edit information on this tab by clicking the edit button in the top right.  



Actions Menu

The top right of the member CRM card has an Actions drop down.  This allows you the ability to do the following:

  • View the organization's public profile
  • Edit the organization's information
  • Change their membership in your community-NOTE: as an admin you do not have the ability to change membership levels that would charge an individual. This must be done by the individual to protect their privacy
  • Edit their permissions 
  • Remove them from your community




The Membership tab allows you a snapshot of their membership level, when they joined, and any changes they've made to their membership level. Changes to membership levels can only be done by the individual, this is for their protection. 


Additionally, you can view all the payments that have been made for paid organization memberships.



Community Tags

Each community can select all the applicable tags that match the offerings of their organization.  You can view AND edit those tags on this tab.



Custom Questions

Many organizations will ask a series of custom questions for organizations joining their community.  You can view the organization's answer to these questions here.  




Each organization can have multiple admins to manage their organization's profile.  Each organization can manage its own admins but you also have the ability to manage their admins as the community moderator.  




The members tab shows you all individuals who have associated themselves with this organization.  This can happen by signing up through their subdomain or simply following that organization in their profile.  These members have chosen to give their contact information to this organization and this organization has access to each of these member's contact data.  



Community Engagement

Ever wonder how involved each organization is in your community?  This tab gives you a high-level engagement snapshot for how engaged they are and what they are doing.  The page displays the number of engagement points per area with the option to dig deeper into each of those items.



Admin Notes

The admin notes feature allows you, the community admin, to post internal-only notes about this organization. These notes are only seen by you and other community admins.  These notes are a great place to keep record of conversations, capture key decisions, and manage other touch points.




The financial tab has four major areas displaying the following:

  • Memberships: tracking membership payments
  • Payments: tracking all other payments outside of memberships (events, courses, products, etc.)
  • Refunds: tracking all refunds made to this organization
  • Revenue: tracking revenue this organization has made through your community (ex: selling their own courses, products, event tickets, etc.)


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