This is important too, let's unpack.


Deviate from the Parent Community

First and foremost, organizations utilizing the parent community subdomain must not deviate from the parent community vision.  Each community has a specific purpose and it's between the parent community and partner/member organizations to define the overall objectives and purpose.  


Set Master Branding

While you can set your organization’s logo as the top left logo on the site, you cannot change the site color and font which are directed by the branding standards of the parent community.


Organize Tags

When a user creates an account they are guided through a series of preference tags such as vocation and interests.  These are managed by the parent community and not able to be changed via partner organization subdomain.


Customize Registration Questions

Similar to above, the parent community crafts the custom registration questions and the registration form for that matter.


Manage Drip Welcome Series

Each member, upon creating an account, will be added to a welcome drip email series.  This email series is hosted and managed by the parent community. 


Manage Membership Tiers

Membership tiers are set by the parent organization/community in order to maintain consistency and quality of welcome drip series.  These can only be created and managed by the parent organization.


NOTE: These are a few limitations to subdomains in summary, not all are listed above.