Cause Machine presents your member information through a member modal tool helping to summarize each person's information and involvement.  This modal helps you gain a clear understanding of each individual with other powerful features.  


Getting Started

To access the member modal select "Manage Individual Members" from Mission Control or select "Members" from the left navigation.  From here you will see your member list.  Find the member you are looking for and then click on their name.



Basic Information

This will bring up a modal view for this member.  In this case, you will see an approve or decline if this member has not been approved.  Once approved, the approve and decline buttons will not present here.  The Actions drop down gives you the following tools:

  • Password Reset - individuals can request this on their own but this also allows you the tool to send that to them
  • Change Membership - membership tier changes must be done at the individual level, this is to protect the individual's privacy
  • Block Member - this allows the member to stay active in your community, though other members will not be able to see their profile, posts, and comments (essentially making them a ghost)
  • Resend Verification Email - this resends the individual their verification email
  • Unsubscribe from Emails - the member can do this on their own but this provides you a tool to manage this for the individual if needed
  • Remove Member - this fully removes a member from your community 



You also have the ability to select the Edit button on this Basic Information tab to edit the following fields:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Associated Organization
  • Title
  • Nickname
  • Physical Address




The second tab provides a full picture of the individual's membership engagement.  This will note their current membership along with their membership history.  Members also have the option to change their membership from this screen.



Community Engagement

This tab gives you a high level perspective of engagement from each member.  Here you can view all the types of activity within your community, view a running total of how much they've contributed to each type of engagement, and then select that category to view the specific actions.  This is a great tool to dive into each member's activity and search for things related to each person.




Payments & Donations

This tab provides you a summary of membership payment, donations, and purchases.  The purchases tab is a combination of event tickets, course purchases, and product purchases.  



Admin Notes

This may be one of the most powerful and useful tools for you as you grow your community.  Here you can post internal notes (only your organization admins can view this information).  You can enter information (ex: conversation you had, concern about person, something great they did, etc.) into this field and flag another admin to notify about the note recorded.  You can add files to your notes and others can reply directly to a specific note.CRM7.png



Each community can create their own category structure.  Individuals can edit their own selection of these categories but we also know it's useful at times for you to be able to change these at times.  This allows you to both view the categories of interest for this individual but also to edit their selections.  




Education & Work History

This last tab displays the education and work history for each individual for your reference.