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What is the Connection Report?

The Connection Report is an event resource unique to Cause Machine where we take each of your individual attendees and help match them to a series of suggestions specific to their interests (based on their personal profile) to have a richer event experience.  This is a great tool for large events where people can easily feel lost in the mix of things.


Why did we build this tool?

We built this tool because large events are intimidating and you often don't have a clue where to begin for finding the best experience at the event.  Imagine walking into an event of 5,000 people that also has hundreds of breakout sessions and hundreds of exhibitors.  That can be an intimidating experience even for an extrovert.  What if you could help each attendee zero in on the breakout sessions, exhibitors, and other attendees that they have the most in common with before they attend?  That's what this tool does.  It takes a large event and makes it small.  


How can it be configured?

The tool is simple to configure (and is off by default).  Once you enable the tool you simply click which items you want to display in the report (members, exhibitors, sessions, opportunities).  You can also select from a pre-set quantity of displayed items.  

NOTE: The opportunities recommendations are generated from a connection with ServiceReef.



What does it look like?

The top of the connection report displays the breakout session recommendations for the various hours you host these sessions.  The registrant can click on the session to learn more and read the full description.  


The second section makes a recommendation for several exhibitor organizations.  The registrant can click on the icon to learn more about the organization (view their profile on your communities page) or click to view all exhibitors.  


The third section makes recommendations for others who are attending the event.  These are generated from the registrant's selection of personal interests (your community categories).  


The fourth section (optional and depending on a ServiceReef connection) displays serving opportunities an individual could explore and sign up to attend.  


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