Configuring a Registration Form

Cause Machine allows you to configure a new account registration form in two places (memberships and events).  Here you are looking at the event registration form.  This page displays all the fields you could display and/or require to event registrants.  Cause Machine assigns a title to each field which can be changed in the "Custom Label" field.  You can set each field to be:

  • Required - this field will be required for the event registration 
  • Optional - this field will show up but not be required for registration
  • Hidden - this field will not show up for the registrant on their form



Near the bottom of the registration form you can select if community categories are required, optional, or hidden.  Depending on the size of your event you may want to make these required for larger groups in order to help people connect.  These tags are what help generate the Connection Report.  

You also have the ability to select visibility of your custom community questions.  These are questions required by an individual when registering (or creating a profile).  There is a link provided here for you to manage these custom questions.  You can learn more about these questions in the membership area of the Knowledge Base.