Attendee Registrations

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Cause Machine presents your most commonly used data and actions in your Attendee Registration tab.  This is where event managers will most commonly start as they manage an event.  

Learning the Layout

You have four major areas on the Attendee Registrations page.  

  1. Event Navigation - your general event navigation to your left
  2. Attendee Registration Stats - summary data at the top of your page for registrations
  3. Search & Export - search tools to locate attendee records
  4. Registration List - full list of event attendees



Attendee Registration Stats

The top of your Attendee Registrations page provides a small dashboard of registrant quantities.  This is a great place to quickly see the volume of your registrations and revenue from attendees.


Search & Export Tools

Each event has a search tool for your attendees where you can search their name, order number, status, or any of your custom community categories.  You can export this data at anytime as well. 

NOTE: The export tools exports whatever data is currently displayed in your roster of attendees.  If you do not have a search implemented then the export will include all of your attendees.  If you have a search implemented that yields (for example) 12 records then the export would only pull those 12 records. 



Registration List

The main portion of this page is dedicated to your attendee directory.  The page displays  the following:

  • Attendee names (linkable to their profile)
  • Registration tier
  • Organization affiliation (if they are a representative of an exhibiting organization)
  • Order number (linkable to their order)
  • Data of purchase
  • Status - can be one of three designations:
    • Completed - the ticket has been assigned and the registration (any questions you have included in the registration form or registration questions) is complete.
    • Assigned - they have assigned the ticket to someone, but that person has not yet completed their registration (so for example, I purchase two tickets, I assign one to myself and the other to a friend. I put their email and name beside that ticket, which assigns it to them. The system then sends an email to that person, prompting them to complete their registration with the ticket that has been assigned to them.)
    • Not Assigned - a person has purchased a ticket, but they have not assigned any person to that ticket. So they have simply reserved a spot without connecting it to anyone. 
    • All of these statuses are purchased, valid tickets, but Not Assigned means it hasn’t had someone’s name attached to it. 
  • Checked in notation
  • Communications notation - individual can choose to receive event notifications or not
  • Action drop down (detailed below)


The Actions dropdown provides you the following tools:

  • Send Email - opens an email in your email tool (Outlook, Mail, etc.) to email the attendee directly
  • Print Ticket - print the individuals event ticket 
  • Re-Assign Ticket - re-assign this ticket to another individual 
  • Check-In - mark this person as checked in to your event
  • Cancel - Cancel the registration (this does not refund the registration, each action is separate)
  • Refund - Refund a full or partial amount (this does not cancel the registration, each action is separate)
  • Unsubscribe from Emails - this removes the individual from your event emails

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