If your event includes breakout sessions and speakers, this is where you want to begin. Navigate to the Speaker tab in the Activity Management section. From there, click on the green Add Speaker button. This will take you to a screen that allows you to choose from your community members or to add a new member. From there you will fill out a form that includes at least the speaker's name and email information (the speaker can fill out the rest of the biographical information). You can then indicate whether or not they will be participating in your event or just speaking (not attending), and click save. You will repeat that process with all speakers for your event. 



Once you have loaded all of your speakers, you can then see the list with click through links to their community profile or their session information. If you click on the Actions button by their name, that will allow you to send them a customized speaker invitation (which you can edit using the Actions button shown on the next image). You can also use this button to send them an email, re-send their speaker invitation, manually approve them as a speaker (rather than allowing them to go through and accept the invitation) or delete them as a speaker. 

 The next image shows the Actions button that is next to the Add Speaker button. These actions allow you to send all speaker invitations at once (rather than sending them individually as you add them); you can edit your personalized speaker invitation; edit the acceptance fields so that they only have to answer certain questions; you can also add custom questions to fit with exactly the information you need (for instance, you might want to give the speakers an event shirt and would need to know their size); you can export an excel list of all speakers with all of their data; or lastly, you can download all of the speaker's photos so that you have them on file.


Once you have added all of your speakers, you are ready to go through and add your sessions. You will want to do this Speaker step first so that when you load your sessions, you can simply plug your timeframe and speaker right into the session information.

Inviting Your Speakers

Once you have added all of your speakers and sessions, you will need to go back to the Speakers section and Invite Speakers. You can do this by sending all invitations at once from the Actions button on the main Speakers page, or by individually sending an invitation to speakers as you are ready to from the Actions button by their name. 

Once invitations have been sent, you can also go back and re-send invitations to those speakers that haven't responded.