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Holding events provides a space where many people with the same vision/goals/careers/etc. all gather in one place. This can be a great opportunity for them to network, hold board meetings, create learning collaboratives, or any number or extraneous meetings that might be beneficial. Cause Machine gives you the tools you need to help manage these meetings in an organized and smooth manner.



You can start adding meetings in the Meetings section under Activity Management. You will want to begin with Settings, which allows you to set the start and close time for Meeting Requests as well as add the customized questions you need to ask. This request form will be on your event homepage for people to request a meeting. Examples of questions you many want to include in your Meeting Request Form include number of attendees, any particular room requests, whether or not they will be needing food, etc. 



You will begin receiving requests, which will come to the Event Admin email address. You can manage all the meeting requests from the Meetings page under Activity Management. Once you see these meeting requests, they will be separated by whether or not they have been approved. Before approving, you will want to check the requests and finalize any details by clicking on the Edit and Approve button. You can also manually add meetings with the Add Meeting button. 




You'll want to notice that you (or the meeting requester) will have the option to make the meeting visible to the public - which means it will show up on the Event website - or they can make it hidden from the Event website - which means that it is an invite only event.  



Meeting requesters also have the option of utilizing a registration form connected to the meeting, or using their own external registration link. If it is a private event, they would simply choose Closed. If the Meeting is Open, there will be a basic registration for the meeting attendees to fill out so that the host can have a count of who all will be attending.  


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