There are times that you might have a downloadable file that you want your event attendees to be able to access. This might be an advertisement that attendees could print and hand out to colleagues, or a conference guidebook, or any number of other informational items. Just go to Media & Communications, then Downloads. Click on Add Download File to begin adding your resources. 



Once you are here, you will want to give a descriptive name to the download, because this will show up on the event page. The description will as well, so it's best to keep it short and clear. Upload your file, and upload an image to go with it as well. This image will be on the event page, so it is best if you have an actual image of your resource. You might want to take a screenshot of your image and shrink it down so that you have the image of the actual resource for your attendees.




Once you have saved, the resources will then show up on the navigation bar for your event under "Downloads".