What is a Subdomain (advanced organization membership)?

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This is a great place to start, right?  What is a subdomain?


Let’s Start Here

To start, it’s important to review the purpose of a community.  A community is designed around a shared vision.  Many communities are collaborative efforts to equip, encourage, and prepare members of that community.  


Technology leveraged for growth and partnership

Technology affords us the opportunity to leverage tools for accelerated, scalable, and sustainable growth.  Subdomains are one of the most significant tools to help build this growth.  


Think of it like a franchise

We all know what a franchise is and have some concept of how it works.  There’s a standard brand and expectation but there’s a trust and empowerment in leaders to leverage that trusted brand to build a stronger product.  Subdomains are very similar to this.  They allow a community to franchise (or lease) the suite of technology tools for other like-minded organization pursuing this common vision.  


It’s what goes before the URL

For example, you have an organization XYZ in the Awesome Community.  The main website would be www.awesomecommunity.com but then the subdomain would be xyz.awesomecommunity.com.  Individuals accessing this URL would be introduced to the XYZ crafted and branded experience.  


Think of it like a funnel

So when an individual comes in through a subdomain that person enters the “funnel” of that partner organization.  It is a funnel because it guides the individual into an environment crafted and hosted by the partner organization.  


Once again

Just to refresh on this once again, we believe this vision can only happen through collaborative efforts.  Subdomains are a means for us to work together toward a collective goal while honoring the uniqueness of each subdomain/member organization.  This is one of our best attempts to say we’re all in this together.


We will unpack how all of this works further in the knowledge base.  The main thing to know is that a subdomain provides a unique opportunity to engage your audience within a larger community.  

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