Many times a community will take the content from an event and turn it into a post-event package that's offered for free or at a fee (or free for attendees and charged for non-attendees).  

Let's work through how to set up a Content Package.


Step 1 - Host Your Event

First, you need to set up and host your event. Each event will house your keynote and breakout sessions.  These are the foundations for how you create a content package if that package is based on an event.  

NOTE: You can create a package from a group of content items that are not related to an event - we just find that most Content Packages are from events.


Step 2 - Load Audio/Video Files

Next, load audio and video files (YouTube or Vimeo link is a video) to the sessions from your event.  This is content you've recorded from the event that you now have accessible post-event that you want to make accessible in this Content Package.

NOTE: Content selected available for a Content Package is made available immediately in the Content Package when that Content Package is made available.  Those individual items of content may have a future release date within your community.  


Step 3 - Create a Content Package

Once you've loaded audio/video assets to your content, you will create a Content Package. This is under the Content Module of Cause Machine and the tab "Content Package".  Follow the steps to create a Content Package.  


Step 4 - Create a Store Product

If you plan to offer this Content Package as a stand-alone item people can purchase, create a product in your store and select the specific Content Package.  


Step 5 - Tie Event Registrations with Content Package

Now you jump back into the Event Module to tie the Content Package to various event tickets.  The system needs to know which registration tiers are given access to the Content Package.  This needs to be built out for each registration tier.  


Step 6 - Notify Event Attendees

Lastly, send a notification to your event attendees (with a link to the Content Package) to let them know it's 

NOTE: Content packages are not able to deleted, they can only be archived.