Updating Member Profiles

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As a community admin, you are often asked to make changes to one of your member's account or you find yourself needing to make changes for one reason or another.  Cause Machine allows admins to make specific changes to member accounts so you can better serve your members.  To get started, access the Members area and then select a specific individual.  You can access this from Mission Control or your left navigation and then selecting a member in your community.  Selecting an individual will open their member modal.




1. Editing Contact Information 

Click the Edit button to open the ability to edit their personal information.  



You will be able to edit their first name, last name, email address, and snail mail address.




2. Editing Member Status 

Click the Actions drop down to access other features for member management.  



The Actions drop down opens the ability to do the following:

  • View Profile: view the members public profile in your community (what other members can view)
  • Send Password Reset Email: users can generate their own password reset process from log.  This action allows you to do this for them if needed.
  • Change Membership: this feature allows you to change the members tier of an individual.
  • Block Member: at times, some members become malicious.  Blocking a member will still allow them access to your community though all of their presence (profile, posts, stories, comments, etc.) are all hidden from other community members.  This gives this user the perception of activity to them while in fact there is no active presence in the community to other members. 
  • Resent Verification Email: this resends their verification email notification. 
  • Unsubscribe from Emails - this allows admins to remove the member from community emails.  Members can do this on their own but if needed, this allows admins to do the same.
  • Remove Member - this feature removes the member from your community with all of their assets and presence.  


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