Membership Payments and Cancelations

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You may have general questions regarding how Cause Machine handles membership payments and cancelations. Please see below common questions and answers regarding membership payments, cancelations, how they work and the options you have.

1. What happens when a membership is cancelled due to payment failure?
Like for any cancelled membership the user still has an account that they can log into but doesn't have a membership and loses access to everything that is tied to a community membership level they were subscribed to.

2. Do admins get notified that a cancellation has happened or is happening? 
No. Only the user gets the email notification that their membership is about to be cancelled or that it got cancelled.

3. Is there a way to move members to a temporary status or pending when a payment fails for a certain number of days?
There is no temporary status to move user to, only pending cancellation status is shown if the subscription is about to be cancelled at the end of the current billing cycle. But admin and user can update the membership at any point.

4. Is there a way to stop a cancelation of a membership if a problem is found such as an expired card or security problem?
There is no way to 'stop' the cancellation only to change the membership. It can be changed to the same membership that is about to be cancelled.

5. Is there a way to restore a membership that has been canceled as an admin?
There is no restore option but the membership can be again activated. If a membership is cancelled an admin or user can go to 'Change' membership and select desired membership, and activate it.
To change someone's membership to a paid one, as an admin you still need that person payment information. Only for changing to a Free membership can you complete the switch without any user information.

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